Welcome to Xmas Invaders


Easter Bunny VS Santa!


In 1995 a horde of bad Santas invaded the earth for the first time in the online-game „XVaders“.

Now they have returned to try it again - meaner and fiercer than ever before - and this time they come in 3D!


So if you don’t take X-Mas too seriously - try this crazy game now.



Help the yellow easter bunny to fight them back - with snowballs or upgrade items like the water gun and the snow bazooka. Gain more power and speed with carrots and the speedbuster rocket.


- Easy touch-drag control

- Earn extra points by catching easter eggs 
- Get stronger by catching carrots

- Challenge modes

- Extra points for sleighs, reindeers and angels

- Trendy low-poly paper look

- Submit your score to the leaderboard!


Play the ultimate revival of the successful web arcade game of the 90ies on your mobile device now and save the world!